Iron Man Football Camp

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Coach Craig and a couple other coaches discuss what’s to take place during camp
Coach Craig over seeing a group of the Ironmen Youth Football Camp.Sat ,3,2013 held at the football field.
Coach Craig right in the middle of a group of the Ironmen Youth Football kids at Camp.

The Iron Man youth league was started last year. The players play six to eight games rather than the 10-12 games played by previous leagues.

“That really took a lot out of the kids,” he said. “Now that we are playing in this vicinity we are not traveling as much as we used too, therefore the kids are not as exhausted. And also cuts the cost down for the kids.”

Justin Sellers said Ree Drummond, a.k.a. the Pioneer Woman, requested to do her television show at the league camp.

“She was there at 12 o’clock and served lunch to the kids,” he said.

Sellers said the emphasis of the camp is to encourage kids to play each year.

“That’s our main goal, which is to have fun — not necessarily get used to losing — but winning is not everything,” he said.

“Coach Craig played a very huge part in teaching them the fundamentals of this sport. He also was elected assistant vice president out of 8,500 coaches at the Oklahoma Coach Association this weekend. That’s a huge honor for him and Pawhuska.”

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