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Flint Hills Frontiers Project reaching ‘critical phase’

The Flint Hills Frontiers project is reaching a critical phase, acoording to its proponents.

After significant input in Spring 2013 from the Osage and Pawhuska community, elected and community leaders are now joining the Flint Hills Regional Council in hosting a public meeting to apply the vision and goals to develop tools to move the Flint Hills region forward.

This meeting is citizens’ opportunity to weigh in on specific projects, programs, and policies that can make a difference in their future. Everyone is welcome to join this growing conversation regardless of prior attendance, say organizers.

The meeting will be held at 6p.m., April 1, at the Wah-Zha-Zhi Cultural Center, 1449 West Main St., in Pawhuska, Okla.

The Flint Hills Frontiers project started with local citizen ideas. During last spring’s visioning meetings, organizers asked Flint Hills residents to define their vision for the future. This is what the leadership heard:

“Bringing cultures together by sharing the heritage, environmental integrity, economics, and hospitality of the Osage..” — resident of the Southern Flint Hills at the Pawhuska meeting.

“Provide resources and networking necessary for land preservation and stewardship.” — south central Flint Hills resident at the Arkansas City, Kan. meeting.

“A place where opportunity and beauty come together for health, happiness, and growth.” — northern Flint Hills resident at the Marysville, Kan. meeting.

“A place that balances landscape, community, and economic vitality for an enhanced quality of life.” — resident of the I-70 corridor at the Manhattan, Kan. meeting.

“Protect and enhance the ecosystem leading to increased tourism, retaining family farms and youth in an entrepreneurial environment.” — resident of the Central Flint Hills at the Emporia, Kan. meeting.

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